Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaming with Passion

Last week, on 14th & 15th July 2010, I’m attended a seminar called “Teaming with Passion” which I think is a great seminar that I ever attend before. This seminar introduced by Dr Lawrence Walter Ng; which has been described as dynamic and inspiring speaker and conducted by certified trainers from Telekom Malaysia. Bravo!
In this seminar, I’d learn about a few major keys such as “passion’, “team”, “challenge” and many other words. For me, what is interesting about this seminar is full of a recitation which is just a simple words, but it is really meaningful for me to think about. I just want to share my thoughts & opinions with a few recitations.
Firstly, it’s about passion; encourage me to find my passion in everything I do; life, dream, works, etc. Secondly, is about challenge; inspired me to face my challenge with zest. Third, is about “I support you!” & “I know you can be better” encourage me to be kind to others, think good and learn to be happy for others and also I was thinking to wish for others that I wish for myself-of course the good things lah!
The words “For things to change, I must change first!” encourage me to accept & adapt to change in everything I do, to me aim & strive and help me to decide my path wisely. I also learn about 4 arrows of communication which is “Strategy”, “High Energy”, “Intensity of Eye Contact” and “Transfer of Feelings” with favorite recitation; “Words have Power” inspired me to sharpen my communication skills and choose my word with care when communicate to others because “The meaning of my communication is the response I get”.
Lastly, my very favorite word is “I’m a Shaker!” which makes me be connected with others, be ready for opportunity in life and make me say words and do the action!

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